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      South Carolina and Georgia

      About Carolina Land Surveying, LLC

      Carolina Land Surveying works hard to be your go-to partner for accurate land surveys, creative land-use planning, and regulatory and zoning strategy, whether you're looking to complete a simple residential survey or execute a complicated development project on a challenging tract of land.

      What sets us apart:

      • vast on-the-ground experience across Georgia and South Carolina
      • decades of experience with the personalities and protocols of regional zoning and regulatory authorities
      • capabilities embracing land surveying, development consulting, industrial-site base mapping and public-works construction layout
      • sophisticated mapping and measuring equipment and cutting-edge data-collection technology
      • a tested system of field procedures engineered for precise, efficient data-gathering and take-it-to-the-bank rendering of the results

      We're a family-run firm that's small enough to be nimble, but we boast management and leadership experience accrued over decades building one of the most respected firms in the Aiken-Augusta area.

      Bottom line: Carolina Land Surveying delivers top-tier work product while competing aggressively on price and providing personalized client service.

      Our on-staff registered land surveyors can execute or coordinate projects across South Carolina and Georgia. Click here to send us an email or call us at 803-646-1264.



      • GPS surveys
      • Boundary surveys
      • Topographic mapping
      • Construction layout
      • Subdivision layout
      • Condo surveys
      • GIS Mapping
      Contact Us


      • Construction as-built mapping
      • Residential lot surveys
      • ALTA/CSM land title surveys
      • GPS control for machine control
      • Machine control (DTM)
      • Wetland maps
      • Picture Point control for Aerial Photography
      Contact Us


      • Land use planning
      • Residential site layout
      • Commercial site layout
      • Annexation presentations
      • Zoning presentations
      • Environmental impact studies
      Contact Us

      Dedicated to serving our clients

      Providing land surveying and planning services to the general public, lending institutions, developers, city, county and state agencies, contractors, corporations, architects, attorneys and engineers. We serve South Carolina and Georgia. Call us today at 803-646-1264 to get a quote.

      Carolina Land Surveying, LLC
      1934 Highway 57 N
      Little River, SC 29566

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